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When you're in need of lawn care and lawn maintenance services in Haddonfield NJ 08033, trust the experts at Par 4 Landscaping & Lawncare Inc. to provide outstanding Haddonfield area lawn care, mulch, yard cleanup, shrub trimming, edging and more.

Haddonfield NJ 08033 Lawn Care | Par 4 Lawncare

Choosing someone to provide lawn care and maintenance services in Haddonfield NJ 08033 should not be taken lightly. We live in a fast-paced world where you want to come home and relax, knowing your weekend is free from lawn work. Let Par 4 Lawncare's Haddonfield area lawn maintenance experts be your choice. We will arrive swiftly, and efficiently care for your property. You can rely on Par 4 to give you the time to enjoy your activities and leave the worries of hours of yard work in your rearview mirror! Our Haddonfield lawn care and maintenance services not only keep your lawn and yard areas professionally cleaned, but you will also have a perfectly manicured lawn all year long.

Our Lawn and Yard Care Services in Haddonfield NJ 08033

Grass Seed

Your lawn is one of the main features of the exterior of your Haddonfield area home, so proper and ongoing lawn care is necessary to keep it healthy and looking its best, year after year. Children playing, pets running around your turf area, weeds, and weather... they all lead to your grass taking a beating. That's why our Haddonfield yearly seeding and power slicing services are so important in maintaining the quality of your lawn. Power slicing provides the roots of your lawn's grass with access to more oxygen and water to promote healthy growth. After we power slice the turf, we apply a specific amount of grass seed designed to withstand Haddonfield area weather and seasons. With Par 4 Landscaping & Lawncare, you can have a lawn worth bragging about!

Grass Cutting

Gone are the days of the neighborhood kid willing to mow your lawn! The Haddonfield area grass cutting specialists at Par 4 know the proper way to cut your lawn so that it stays healthy and looks great. Our lawn cutting services include grass mowing, edging, trimming, and blowing grass debris from your property, leaving your yard neat and clean.

Yard Cleanup

Every year your yard ends up covered in leaves, branches and other debris that have fallen in the fall and winter. The Haddonfield yard cleanup professionals at Par 4 will come out in the spring and fall to clean up your yard so that it looks manicured and presentable.

Haddonfield NJ 08033 Lawn Care | Par 4 Lawncare

Shrub Planting

Par 4 will provide many different options of shrubs that you will be able to use in your landscape projects, depending to your situation. Yards have full sun, partial sun, full shade, or a combination, and it's vital to use the correct plant for each area. Let Par 4 Haddonfield lawn care and maintenance specialists guide you on your decisions for the best plant choice for your yard.

Shrub Pruning

The Haddonfield NJ area shrub pruning experts at Par 4 understand that your shrubs should be pruned for maximum growth as well as provide curb appeal. This is not only for the aesthetic look, but also for the health of the shrubs. Leave it to our Haddonfield shrub pruning professionals to trim and sheer your shrubs for a beautiful look all year round.

Bed Maintenance

After installing your new beds or freshening up older beds, Par 4 can maintain them for years to come, including edging, mulching, and more. We also provide weeding services, which is essential to the look and health of your plants and yard. The Haddonfield lawn and yard care experts at Par 4 can keep your beds looking fresh and clean all year round.

Our Haddonfield Area Lawn Care Schedule and Process

Haddonfield NJ 08033 Lawn Care | Par 4 Lawncare

  1. First, we prepare your lawn for spring by conducting a detailed spring cleanup. We remove all debris left behind from winter storms, meticulously trim shrubs, thoroughly edge flower beds, and install mulch for a uniquely attractive look.
  2. During the growing season we will skillfully provide grass cutting and detailed lawn maintenance services for your Haddonfield NJ area property to maintain the beauty of your bedding areas.
  3. Next, we can provide shrub trimming and weed control management throughout the grass cutting season.
  4. In the fall we will power slice and seed your lawn, and apply topsoil to rejuvenate your lawn for optimum growing of new turf areas.
  5. The final process of your Haddonfieldlawn maintenance cycle is the fall cleanup which consists of removing all leaves, branches and debris from your property.

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